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Part 4

Parents Have the Right to Access their Children's Records.

What records?

ALL written records. (Texas Education Code Sec. 26.004)

In addition to the obvious grades, tests, attendance, you may not realize this includes includes: -disciplinary records

-counseling records

-psychological records

-teacher and school counselor evaluations

-reports of behavioral patters

-See more here.

FULL INFORMATION concerning student (Texas Education Code Sec 26.008)

(a) A parent is entitled to full information regarding the school activities of a parent's child except as provided by Section 38.004

[Note: 38.004 regards suspected neglect, abuse or trafficking]

(b) An attempt by any school district employee to encourage or coerce a child to withhold information from the child's parent is grounds for discipline under Section 21.104, 21.156, or 21.211, as applicable.

That's significant, and hopefully a rare occurrence. I wonder if youth know to tell parents if this ever happens. Educators in Texas must follow a strict code of ethics; linked here, if you're interested.

There is more in Chapter 26 of the Texas Education Code, from Rights to information on Special Education and Students with Learning Disabilities (26.0081), Access to Board Meetings and More. Link.

Fortunately, at North East ISD, much of this information is on Skyward(r), so we can start there before asking employees.


Remember growing up, we were kept in line with: "This will go on your permanent record!"?

I remember my mom was all-up-in my school business. She watched things like a hawk, carefully reading everything that came home. She was actively engaged to ensure all her children stayed on track. Mom knew exactly what was going on, and was never afraid to call and check, if she had any concerns about our performance or behavior. She also asked me questions. Sometimes that's how she knew to look into something.

Recently, I looked through a scrapbook Mom had made for my graduation, containing award certificates and sports clippings and found these, too (below). Unrelated, but reminded me of happy summers in the '80s.


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