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Get to Know Steve Hilliard

Steve brings to the School board exceptional
Real-World Experience and Executive Leadership Skills

Husband. Dad. NEISD Grad.

After 20 years of service to our nation, Steve Hilliard could have moved his family anywhere in the country. As proponents of excellent public education, the Hilliards chose to settle in NEISD, the district in which Steve and his wife were educated.      

"My roots in NEISD are deep.

"My parents made NEISD and community service a priority, too. They spent twenty-five years in Army life, plus they were huge in the PTAs and TR booster
club, and highly involved in building the City of Windcrest community. My mom has a bench dedicated to her memory at the Windcrest golf course.

"I have
offered my skills and sacrificed to not only give back, but because I want to see this district really thrive. No one can love this district quite like a proud, loyal alumnus."   - Steve


Steve received about $2 Million in scholarship offers his Senior year, and was accepted into multiple military academies.  He chose to attend the Air Force Academy, a "proving ground" for some of the best and the brightest in the U.S. military services.

Air Force Officer, Executive & Pilot

Lt. Col. Hilliard became a pilot, pilot instructor and evaluator, flying across the globe an average 9 months a year in the years following 9/11.  When home, he worked long hours, underwent countless leadership training courses and earned a management-related graduate degree.


Lt. Col Hilliard, an action-oriented people-person, thrived in the aircrew environment. He became highly skilled at "assault" landings in the pitch black, which were necessary under many conditions, and flew special missions requiring the highest security clearance for their importance, risk and sensitivity. As a result of his record of excellence and his ability to lead and work well with anyone, Lt. Col. Hilliard received many meritorious awards as well as unique job opportunities within the Air Force.

Lt. Col. Hilliard retired to enable the family's return to NEISD following a successful command tour with the elite 1st Airlift Squadron, responsible for transporting the Vice President of the United States, the First Lady, and other high-ranking officials. This job had tremendous pressure and demanded a mission-mindset and absolute perfection. 

As a commander, Lt. Col. Hilliard was a change agent. He brought positive transformation to the work climate, raised the professionalism and "spirit" of the squadron, and obtained buy-in for a mission-first mindset from the airmen and officers under his command.

"I want every staff member at NEISD to know they are valued by me. I've worked to try to hear from them directly. I look forward to developing more relationships and fostering "team spirit" to transform our district into one everyone wants to be a part of and no one wants to leave." - Steve

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